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Commuting Intrepidly


Most of us have to go to work some way or other.

If you live in London, like I do, you’re almost spoilt for choice when it comes to transport. Over the years, I’ve taken cars, buses and tubes, but have come to learn that there really isn’t a better way of getting to work than by bicycle.

You get all the advantages of walking to work – the fresh air, the proximity to the street, the chance to look around you and marvel at the wonderful city that we live in – but you just get there quicker. Which means a little more time in bed, or the opportunity to take a great meandering route through the city on your way to the office.

No one likes working, but there’s no reason why the journey there and back each day shouldn’t be ace.

Of course, commuting by bike – especially in London – has its downside. The weather isn’t always kind, the cycle routes aren’t always clear, and the other people you’re forced to share the road with are often psychopathic. Its a risky trip, but its never boring.

Intrepid Commuter is here to celebrate those of us who are brave enough to make that journey to work by bicycle and to highlight the innumerate pleasures that we get to experience each and every day.

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  1. KittyHawk permalink
    12/07/2008 11:30 pm

    Hurrah for you – as a fellow London slow cyclist! That there is some one else out there taking on the lycra-freaks as well is very good to know. Psycho-London traffic seems to breed psycho-cyclists – particularly those literally without brakes (i.e. certain fixie afficionados), and is my guess for the reason there are fewer women on the road in London – so hail to a member of the chic cycling revolution. Perhaps with a tea-dress and a tan we could get the rest of London to chill a bit? Altho that of course requires some more summer!

    Happy cycling!


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