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Velorution – Somewhat Off-Track


We at Intrepid Commuter love the quirky and stylish West-End bike shop Velorution. Its a cracking little store, with a great stock of bikes, friendly staff (headed by the occasionally grumpy Italian Andrea) and a strong sense of bicycle philosophy. And its where I bought my Brompton from!

They’ve even got a pretty interesting blog. But I was a little taken aback by the most recent post that appeared on the site yesterday. Entitled Go Back to Your Count(r)y, it’s essentially a fairly vitriolic tirade against London’s ethnic minorities, who, in Andrea’s eyes at least, have a less than stellar attitude to us cyclists.

To quote Andrea “whenever I am in an area with predominance of Africans, Jews, South Asians, Cockneys or other uncivilised lovers of black tinted windows, the respect for vulnerable road users sinks to Thirld World levels”.

Now avoiding the issue of whether or not that statement qualifies as sweepingly racist (and I’m leaning towards the obvious answer that it is), I’m not entirely sure it’s accurate.

On my own personal meanders through London, I’ve been on the receiving end of abuse and car-horns from all sorts of road-users, of all racial backgrounds. In fact, it often seems that those road-users who are most ‘at home’ on the streets of London – the buses, the cabbies – are the ones that shout at me more often.

It seems, in my experience at least, that it really doesn’t matter what colour your skin, or what country or indeed county you hail from – most people in cars are ridiculously intolerant of us cyclists. That should be the focus of your argument Andrea – by entertaining cod-racist ideas like this, you’re only diluting your argument and allowing the people who might be able to make a difference to ignore you.

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  1. 18/07/2008 12:22 am

    Here is a clarification to the original posting:

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